Do Dents In Brass Instruments Affect Sound?

Do Dents In Brass Instruments Affect Sound?

Brass instruments are susceptible to getting knocked around sometimes, especially the larger ones like the tuba. Even if you’re extra careful, it is possible for your instrument to get hit against a music stand, door frame, or another instrument while transporting or playing it. A dent or two is bound to occur, but how can … Read more

Is Baritone (Or Euphonium) Easier Than Trumpet?

Is Baritone (Or Euphonium) Easier Than Trumpet?

Trumpet and baritone are brass instruments each with a very distinct sound and different role in an ensemble. Is the baritone really easier than the trumpet? The baritone is easier than the trumpet because it has a more relaxed embouchure, lower resistance, and easier parts to play. The trumpet demands a high level of lip … Read more

Should I Play Trumpet Or Trombone? Help Me Choose

Should I Play Trumpet Or Trombone? Help Me Choose

The fanfare of brass instruments often draws people to the sound of the trumpet or trombone. If you’re looking to begin on a brass, you may be torn between these two. Which of trumpet or trombone is better for you?  Of the two, the trumpet is more beginner-friendly. It is also more flexible in terms … Read more

Saxophone Or Trombone: Which Is Better?

Saxophone Or Trombone: Which Is Better?

When you have the opportunity to join a band, the first step is to choose an instrument to play. As a beginner, alto saxophone and trombone are two instruments to consider, but which is better? The alto saxophone is a more beginner friendly choice. It is generally easier to make a sound and play, and … Read more

Best Trumpet For Marching Band

best trumpet for marching band

Marching band is a great way for students to meet people, and better adapt to high school/college life. Among the instruments that compose a marching band, the trumpet is a key element. A very common question among parents and students is how to choose a good trumpet for marching band. Most marching bands don’t require … Read more

Trombone vs Baritone: which to choose?

trombone vs baritone

A common dilemma among newer musicians is whether to learn the trombone or the baritone. This question is particularly frequent among high school kids looking to join their school marching band. It’s also relevant to orchestra band players. If the goal is to play in concert bands only, either of the two instruments can be … Read more

Can You Play Chords On A Trumpet? This May Surprise You

can you play chords on a trumpet

If you’re new to the trumpet or you’re an avid trumpet music listener, you may wonder whether a trumpet can play chords, that is, play multiple notes simultaneously. As brass instruments, a trumpet can play only one note at a time and can’t play chords because of the way the instrument is built and produces … Read more

Can A Trumpet Play In Any Key? The Simple Facts

can a trumpet play in any key

If you’re a newbie trumpet player, you may be wondering why trumpets come in different keys. While Bb trumpets are the most common, a common question is whether you would need a different trumpet for playing in different keys. Any keyed trumpet, regardless of type, can play all 12 notes of the chromatic scale. If … Read more

Trumpet or Saxophone: Which Is Easier?

trumpet or saxophone

When listening to professional musicians effortlessly performing your favorite brass and woodwind music, the question might have come to mind which of the trumpet or the saxophone is easier to play.  The saxophone is widely considered easier to play. Although it requires special skills to expertly master its woodwind mouthpiece and has more keys, it … Read more