Best Bass Cabs For Low Tuning: Taming The Low Range

best bass cab for low tuning

Low tuning on the bass is synonymous with super low-end. With the wrong bass cab, too much low-end is a recipe for mud or farts. The lower the frequency goes, the worse the human ear gets at distinguishing between the notes. Most cabs are either good at reproducing the low end well OR conveying clarity. … Read more

What is the difference between amp and head?

difference between amp and head

Amps, stacks, cabs, racks, heads, speakers –  the terminology used for audio amplification can be confusing. This is further fueled by misnomers and a tendency to use these terms loosely and/or out of context. An amp is an all-in-one unit that may refer to a ‘combo amp’ or an amp head  and a speaker working … Read more

Can You Use An Amp Head Without A Cabinet?

can you use an amp head without a cabinet

We’ve all wondered if an amp head needs a cabinet to function or if it can work as a standalone device. Are you looking for a way to use your amp without lugging around a speaker cabinet? Do you want to go directly from your amp to an audio interface or mixer? It is not … Read more

Ampeg Portaflex vs Fender Rumble: Battle Of The Titans

ampeg portaflex vs fender rumble

Fender’s Rumble series has dominated the market as one of the lightest and best-selling bass amps. It has a well-rounded tone praised by rock, blues, and funk bassists. The Portaflex (PF) amp heads are powerful, lightweight, and bear Ampeg’s signature sound. They are hailed as great vintage-sounding amps. With the Rumble 800, Fender offers an … Read more

Best Bass Cabinets For Recording: Enriching The DI

best bass cabinet for recording

A blend of DI and mic’d cabinet is a great recipe for an even-tempered and well-defined bass tone. The cabinet captures the room reflections, what is often referred to as “character” – it is the air in your sound that adds personality to the bass track. Many bass players are content with recording direct to … Read more

Best Bass Amp for 5-String Bass: The Complete Guide

best amp for 5 string bass

Boutique or assembly-line, big or small, modest or majestic – any amp that is categorized as a “bass amplifier,” should universally work for any 5-string bass, right? Well, not exactly. If you’re primarily a five-string bass user, you need to take some extra care and consideration in choosing the bass rig that will help you sound … Read more

Best Amp And Cab For Reggae Bass: Great Rigs For A Fat Tone

best amp & cab for reggae

Aston Barrett, the Godfather of Reggae, has used everything from an Ampeg to an Eden, which goes to show there isn’t really a dedicated reggae amp. However, a good amp head with a full frequency cabinet will help you define your reggae tone and stay true to the genre.  The best reggae amplification is something … Read more

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 vs Mesa D800: Which One Is Better?

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 vs Mesa D800: Which One Is Better?

Choosing between the Aguilar TH500 and the Mesa Subway D800 is a dilemma that bassists are all too familiar with. These two ‘category giants’ have locked horns for the better part of the last decade, much to the bewilderment of bass players. The Aguilar TH500 sounds mid-rich, gritty, and vintage with an affable and musical … Read more

Markbass vs Ampeg Bass Amp: The Great Face-Off

Markbass amps have a tone that is precise and modern with a signature mid-bump. They offer tons of power and volume in a compact size. They are light but can move all the air you need. On the other hand, the weighty and expensive Ampegs have a very gritty sound and an iconic break up … Read more

How To Choose The Best Amp For A Music Man Stingray

best amp for music man stingray

Once you find your dream bass, in this case an EBMM Stingray, the next big quest is to find the ‘perfect’ amp or amp/cab to pair it with. Like the P-Bass + Ampeg combination – a match made in (bass) heaven – is there a ‘better-half’ for the SR? The SWR tone is game for … Read more