How To Make Your Own Reeds For Saxophone or Clarinet

How To Make Your Own Reeds

One of the big challenges to playing clarinet and saxophone is dealing with reeds. Within a box of 10 reeds, some are good, some need adjusting and some are unplayable. It can be a frustrating process. At some point, you may choose to start making your own reeds. Some single reed players make their own … Read more

Saxophone Or Trombone: Which Is Better?

Saxophone Or Trombone: Which Is Better?

When you have the opportunity to join a band, the first step is to choose an instrument to play. As a beginner, alto saxophone and trombone are two instruments to consider, but which is better? The alto saxophone is a more beginner friendly choice. It is generally easier to make a sound and play, and … Read more

Switching From Alto To Tenor Saxophone: Easy Or Hard?

switching from alto to tenor

The saxophone comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, the two favorites being the alto sax and the tenor sax. Frequently, saxophone players begin on alto and at some point wonder how easy it is to switch from alto to tenor saxophone. The shared fingering system of the alto and tenor saxophone makes the … Read more

Can You Play Saxophone Quietly?

Saxophone generally produce a loud sound compared to other instruments in a band or orchestra. But can a saxophone play quietly as well? Saxophone can be played quietly by using the right embouchure and breadth support. The ability to play notes at different levels of quietness such as pianissimo, piano, and mezzo piano can be … Read more

Should I Play Saxophone Or Violin?

should I play saxophone or violin

If you’re interested in playing an instrument, and you both like the sound of string instruments and that of the saxophone played in jazz groups, you may be torn between taking up the saxophone or the violin. The violin has a steeper learning curve compared to the sax but is a very versatile instrument for … Read more

Trumpet or Saxophone: Which Is Easier?

trumpet or saxophone

When listening to professional musicians effortlessly performing your favorite brass and woodwind music, the question might have come to mind which of the trumpet or the saxophone is easier to play.  The saxophone is widely considered easier to play. Although it requires special skills to expertly master its woodwind mouthpiece and has more keys, it … Read more