Jazz Bass Or P bass: Which Is Better For A Beginner?

Jazz Bass Or P bass: Which Is Better For A Beginner?

One of the most common questions among new bass players looking to choose their first bass is whether to start with a Jazz bass (J bass) or a Precision bass (P bass). When you go looking for a first (or tenth) bass, you need to sift through countless options that eventually boil down to these … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Big Hands: Finding Comfort

People with bigger hands often have a problem when selecting a new bass guitar. From the scale length to the width of the neck, you need to make sure that the guitar feels comfortable in your hand. While you can adjust to playing the bass on any bass guitar, bass guitars with thicker neck profiles … Read more

Are Ibanez basses any good?

are ibanez guitars any good

Ibanez makes excellent bass guitars that are well-regarded in the bass community. Their instruments are considered to be high value buys with good craftsmanship and modern designs. This combination of aesthetics, affordability, and quality has led to their rising popularity. Ibanez claims a big share in the entry-level and mid-market price bracket because of their … Read more

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass vs Ibanez GSR200: Which is better?

squier affinity jazz bass vs ibanez gsr200

Ibanez GSR200 and Squire Affinity Jazz Bass are two widely sought after models in the entry-level bass guitar segment. They differ in terms of tonewood, neck radius, electronics, and size/weight. Although the decision may be genre-specific, Squier often wins on account of its classic looks, versatile tone, and easy-to-mod components. Squier Affinity Ibanez GSR200 Who … Read more

Are Carvin Basses Any Good? Build, Tone, & Customization

are carvin basses good

Kiesel basses, formerly known as Carvin, are USA-made instruments with top-notch build quality using the most beautiful top woods and tonewoods that deliver excellent value. The styles range from bolt-on to neck-thru to multi-scale to classic P or J style bass guitars. They are highly customizable. Kiesel’s new expanded catalog includes additional customization options, revamped … Read more

Ibanez SR500 vs Warwick RockBass Corvette Bass Standoff

ibanez sr500 vs warwick rockbass corvette

The Rockbass Corvette and Ibanez SR often lock horns in the mid-market segment. They are both solid options for any intermediate bassist and either of these instruments can hold their own on stage. However, they are fairly different in many aspects – especially the playing feel and tone. The Ibanez SR500 is available in a … Read more

ESP Basses: Why They’re Much Better Than You Might think

are ESP basses good?

ESP is owned by Hisatake Shibuya who has one of the world’s largest collection of guitars. Incidentally, he also owns Musician’s Institute and Schecter. ESP and ESP LTD offer a massive catalog with basses that range from cheap to expensive, traditional to cutting-edge, no-frills to spec’d out, as well some killer multi-scale bass guitars.  Overall, … Read more

Are Sadowsky Basses Worth The Money? This Is The Consensus

sadowsky basses worth the money

Sadowsky basses have become one of the most formidable J-style bass on the planet. The Sadowsky is famous for being a scaled-down Jazz bass with a durable, reliable and highly-customizable build with a killer preamp. Roger Sadowsky is the soul of the brand and the craftsmanship of his team is the reason behind the brand’s … Read more

Gibson SG vs Fender Precision Bass: An Obvious Choice?

gibson sg vs fender precision

The Fender Precision bass is a timeless classic with a tone that caters to a universal taste and bass that is an out-and-out workhorse. In contrast, the Gibson SG Standard is an atypical sounding short-scale bass that can be called an evolution of the Gibson EB bass guitars from the 60s.  The Fender P-bass is … Read more