Can You Play The Violin If You Already Play the Guitar?

If you already know how to play the guitar, you might be wondering if the violin should be your next pick. Many people think that they can get a better start on the violin if they already know a thing or two about another stringed instrument like the guitar. The violin is considerably harder than … Read more

Violin Or Piano: Which Is Easier?

violin or piano

Both the piano and the violin are extremely popular among adults and children alike. Which of these two instrument is more challenging? The piano is easier to start on due to a more natural posture, easier sound production using keys vs bowing, and accurate pitch. At a more advanced level, however, the piano requires very … Read more

Should I Play Saxophone Or Violin?

should I play saxophone or violin

If you’re interested in playing an instrument, and you both like the sound of string instruments and that of the saxophone played in jazz groups, you may be torn between taking up the saxophone or the violin. The violin has a steeper learning curve compared to the sax but is a very versatile instrument for … Read more

Cello Or Violin: Which Is Better For My Child?

violin or cello for a child

Your child has indicated that he would like to learn a string instrument and is considering either the violin or the cello. Which of these two instruments is a better choice for your child? Although the cello requires more physical strength from a child and is more cumbersome to carry, a child learner will generally … Read more