Best 5-String Bass For Small Hands: What To Look For

best 5-string bass for small hands

Players with small hands and/or a small stature often find the neck on 5-string bass guitars too thick for comfortable playing, particularly for low notes close to the nut. Basses with full 19 ¾” bridge spacing are also challenging for smaller hands. 5-string P-basses are wide-necked guitars and often harder to play for small-handed players. … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Reggae: Finding That Sweet Low-End Tone

Capturing the sound of reggae can be challenging. Some instruments are better suited than others to give the music that distinctive reggae flare, and the bass is no exception. Reggae musicians agree Fender Jazz-type bass guitars provide the best reggae tone since one of the pickups is very close to the neck, which produces the … Read more