Aguilar Tone Hammer vs. SansAmp: Which To Choose?

agular TH500 vs sansamp BDDI 2

Many bass players have faced the dilemna of choosing between two market leading pedals for bass, the Aguilar Tone Hammer or the SansAmp Bass Driver. In short, the SansAmp BDDI has great distortion, strong tone coloration, no mid control, and SVT-like amp emulation. The Aguilar Tone Hammer, on the other hand, is transparent, crisp and … Read more

15 Top Boss Pedals For Bass: Sturdy, Effective, Affordable

In a market flooded with fancy boutique analog pedals and hybrid high-end stompboxes, Boss pedals sit nonchalantly without any frills or fuss. Boss guitar and bass pedals run on 9v, are just the right size, and are built like a tank. They are readily available, easy to modify, and easy to repair. They are affordable … Read more

Best Compressor For 5-String Bass: The Low Range Holy Grail

best compressor for 5-string bass

The general purpose of a bass compressor is to level out the dynamic range of your bass. A compressor attenuates the instrument signal down when it is too loud and boosts it up when it is too quiet, thus making your volume more even throughout your performance.  Is there a reason 5-string basses have a … Read more

Do I Need A Bass Preamp? A Tone Shaping Swiss Knife

Preamps primarily serve two purposes: shaping your tone, and boosting the signal from your bass guitar before it hits your power amp. Without using a preamp, your bass can sound thin and flat.  A bass preamp unit is useful for achieving a specific tone or gain structure before the signal reaches the amp or audio … Read more