Is Bass Guitar Easier To Learn Than Guitar?

is bass guitar easier to learn than guitar

The question of which of bass or electric guitar is easier to learn has always been asked and keeps triggering endless passionate debates. I’ve started learning both instruments but have made much more significant progress with bass guitar than electric guitar – which didn’t click as well with me. Does this mean bass is easier … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Reggae: Finding That Sweet Low-End Tone

Capturing the sound of reggae can be challenging. Some instruments are better suited than others to give the music that distinctive reggae flare, and the bass is no exception. Reggae musicians agree Fender Jazz-type bass guitars provide the best reggae tone since one of the pickups is very close to the neck, which produces the … Read more

Bass Guitar & Drums Relationship: Why It’s So Crucial

bass guitar and drums relationship

To the casual listener, the importance of the bass guitar player and the drummer can often go unnoticed. In reality, these two elements are a crucial aspect to any band, acting as the ‘backbone’ and giving the music a stable rhythm that allows other players in the band to express themselves. The bass player and … Read more