Do Bass Players Get Enough Respect? The Shocking Truth

do bass players get respect

In many bands, the singer and the lead guitarist tend to get the most attention from the public. Bass players, typically don’t get nearly as much spotlight, except for stars like Flea or Les Claypool. What’s more, bassists often complain they are taken for granted, even looked down upon by their band mates. Bassists often … Read more

Band Without A Bass Player: Is That Feasible?

band without a bass player

Whatever style of music you play, having a good low end is really important to the mix. A bass player gives the music thickness and consistency. When it’s not there, the music can sound incomplete, thin, and lacking warmth. So can you have a band without a bass player?  Some types of music can sound … Read more

How to Get a Punchy Bass Tone: The Complete Guide

how to get a punchy bass tone

Bassists are often on an unending quest for their ideal tone, and often refer to tone punch. What constitutes a punchy bass tone? The right amount of volume, attack, definition (clarity) and the ability to cut through the mix are the main characteristics of a punchy bass tone. A good bass tone is well balanced … Read more

Bass Guitar & Drums Relationship: Why It’s So Crucial

bass guitar and drums relationship

To the casual listener, the importance of the bass guitar player and the drummer can often go unnoticed. In reality, these two elements are a crucial aspect to any band, acting as the ‘backbone’ and giving the music a stable rhythm that allows other players in the band to express themselves. The bass player and … Read more