Buffet Crampon E12F Bb Clarinet Review

buffet crampon e12f clarinet review

The relatively new Buffet Crampon E12F is a very popular intermediate clarinet that musicians respect. It’s based on the highly trusted Buffet E11, Buffet’s previous intermediate model. The wooden Buffet Crampon E12F intermediate Bb clarinet is a good choice for clarinetists who are transitioning from a plastic student model. Its easy response and excellent intonation … Read more

Yamaha YCL-650 Bb Clarinet Review

Yamaha YCL-650 Bb clarinet review

It can be exciting for a clarinet student to feel ready to move up to a more advanced instrument.  But with the wide variety of clarinets available, it can also be dauting. Among all the candidates, the Yamaha YCL-650 Bb clarinet is worth a closer look. The Yamaha YCL-650 Bb clarinet is perfect for the … Read more

Buffet Crampon Premium Bb Student Clarinet Review

When it comes to clarinet makers, Buffet Crampon may be the most highly respected brand there is. Their relatively new Premium soprano Bb clarinet for beginners is worth looking at. The Buffet Crampon Premium student Bb clarinet is an affordable way to begin on a quality instrument. It’s responsive, comfortable and durable. The price is … Read more

Etude ECL-100 Clarinet Review: A Popular Beginner Option

etude ecl-100 clarinet

When looking at purchasing a beginner clarinet, there are many brands available, with a wide range of cost. A very popular option is the Etude ECL 100 Bb soprano clarinet. The Etude ECL-100 is a decent affordable beginner clarinet with good quality for the money. It sounds quite good, has an attractive look, and comes … Read more

Which is harder, clarinet or violin? Not What You May Think

which is harder clarinet or violin

So you or your child have decided to learn an instrument, and you’ve narrowed it down to be either the violin or the clarinet. In order to choose between the two, you might be wondering which of these two instruments is harder to learn and to play. The violin is widely considered harder to learn … Read more

Can You Leave a Clarinet Assembled? Things You Should Know

can you leave a Clarinet Assembled

Playing a musical instrument is amazing, but for clarinet players, repeatedly putting the instrument together and taking it apart before and after each practice session can become so tedious that it robs them of the motivation to play. While you can leave a clarinet assembled after a session, you still have to take it apart … Read more

Do Clarinets Wear Out? Breaking The Myth

do clarinets wear out

Clarinets seem like relatively simple and solid instruments, and many people would believe that with proper maintenance, a clarinet can last forever. This is not true, although quality instruments may last for decades. Like many instruments, clarinets wear out over time. Pads and cork joints need replacement, keys and springs must be rebent. Heavily used … Read more

The Difference Between an Eb Clarinet and a Bb Clarinet

difference between bb and eb clarinet

The Eb and Bb clarinets are part of the same woodwind family, with many similarities.  They look virtually the same and use the same fingerings. But when you look more closely, you can see that there are many important differences, too. The Eb clarinet is smaller, playing at a higher pitch than the Bb. They … Read more

How To Practice Clarinet Quietly (Love Thy Neighbor!)

how to practice clarinet quietly

Following an evening session practicing your clarinet in your apartment, the next morning your neighbor mentions in passing he could hear you enjoy playing your clarinet. As a result, you’re wondering whether it is possible to practice quietly to avoid trouble with your neighbors. Mutes are not as effective for the clarinet as for brass … Read more