How To Make Your Own Reeds For Saxophone or Clarinet

How To Make Your Own Reeds

One of the big challenges to playing clarinet and saxophone is dealing with reeds. Within a box of 10 reeds, some are good, some need adjusting and some are unplayable. It can be a frustrating process. At some point, you may choose to start making your own reeds. Some single reed players make their own … Read more

What Are The Best Flutes For Jazz?

What Are The Best Flutes For Jazz?

Flutes can be found playing any style of music there is. Whether it’s Baroque concertos or folk music, the flute fits right in. If you’re playing jazz, it’s important to look for the right instrument for the job. When choosing a flute for jazz, it’s important to find an instrument that responds with low overtones … Read more

When should I move up a reed size (saxophone)?

When should I move up a reed size (saxophone)?

Some believe that playing on a hard reed strength shows you are a better player. This isn’t necessarily the case. Just like shoes, you need to find the size that fits you. An important question to ask is when you should change reed strength. A saxophonist may find it’s time to change reed strength at … Read more

How Long Does A Clarinet Reed Last?

How Long Does A Clarinet Reed Last?

Clarinet reeds are traditionally made of cane from a plant that makes a reed temporal in nature. What is the typical lifespan of a reed? A clarinet reed can last between 1 and 6 months after thorough break-in and by rotating through at least 5 reeds at a time. Many clarinetists, however, find that about … Read more

Should I Play Trumpet Or Clarinet? Air vs Fingers

The trumpet and the clarinet are both amazing instruments with distinct and beautiful sounds. While the trumpet has a great presence in many styles of music, the clarinet stands out in bands and orchestras with its fast and warm tones. If you’re looking to learn a new instrument, you may be torn between the two. … Read more

Are Leblanc clarinets good?

When looking at the history of clarinet makers, four brands stand out: Buffet, Leblanc, Selmer and Yamaha. All four have a long track record of producing popular clarinets for players at all levels. How do Leblanc clarinets fare? Known for a rich, beautiful tone, comfortable keywork and impeccable intonation, Leblanc makes excellent clarinets. They have … Read more

Switching From Alto To Tenor Saxophone: Easy Or Hard?

switching from alto to tenor

The saxophone comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, the two favorites being the alto sax and the tenor sax. Frequently, saxophone players begin on alto and at some point wonder how easy it is to switch from alto to tenor saxophone. The shared fingering system of the alto and tenor saxophone makes the … Read more

Are Cannonball saxophones any good?

Cannonball saxophones have eye catching exterior design. Before purchasing the brand you may be wondering if the instruments are worth the price.  The strength of Cannonball Saxophone is unique sound and customized aesthetics. Cannonball saxophones are worth the price for intermediate and semi-professional players. Cannonball’s distinct bell and neck design give the horn a bright, … Read more

How to choose the best saxophone for marching band

best saxophone for marching band

In the band world, concert band and marching band are contrasting settings that are best approached with different saxophones. Because marching band is primarily outdoors, you want to carefully choose the instrument that you are exposing to the elements.  The best saxophone for marching band is an inexpensive alto or tenor saxophone with decent playability. … Read more