Does playing piano change your hands?

Does playing piano change your hands?

Training ten fingers to play among eighty-eight keys on a piano requires years of regular training. Many potential pianists are curious to know if the demands of playing the piano changes your hands.  Playing piano does not affect the structure of your hands. If you play a lot, over time your fingers will gain dexterity, … Read more

Violin Or Piano: Which Is Easier?

violin or piano

Both the piano and the violin are extremely popular among adults and children alike. Which of these two instrument is more challenging? The piano is easier to start on due to a more natural posture, easier sound production using keys vs bowing, and accurate pitch. At a more advanced level, however, the piano requires very … Read more

Is Cello Harder Than Piano?

is cello harder than piano

If you or your child are considering learning an instrument, a common dilemma is to decide whether to take up the cello or the piano. Which of the two is the harder to learn and play? The cello is considered harder to learn because of the challenging bowing technique and the fact the cello has … Read more