Lakland Skyline vs Fender American: Which Is A better Choice?

Since Dan Lakin created the Lakland Skyline series in 2001, the basses in that series have been among the top Fender-style bass guitars on the market. The Lakland skyline models, like many other brands, have made their own take on Fender designs. However, they are far from being just “rebranded” versions of the original Fenders. … Read more

Best 5-String Bass For Small Hands: What To Look For

best 5-string bass for small hands

Players with small hands and/or a small stature often find the neck on 5-string bass guitars too thick for comfortable playing, particularly for low notes close to the nut. Basses with full 19 ¾” bridge spacing are also challenging for smaller hands. 5-string P-basses are wide-necked guitars and often harder to play for small-handed players. … Read more

Rickenbacker Basses: Are They Worth The (High) Money?

are rickenbacker basses worth the money

Many bass players dream of owning a Rickenbacker bass, an iconic instrument that has been played by some of the most legendary bassists since the 1970s. Rickenbacker basses are highly coveted and often seen as a holy, beautiful, one-of-a-kind bass with a unique and legendary tone. Rickenbacker basses don’t come in cheap, and is only … Read more

Are Music Man Basses Good? What Bassists Really Think

are music man basses good

For most bassists, a Music Man bass guitar spells high-quality construction and top-shelf electronics that perform well both in the studio and live performances. Great bass players like Flea (RHCP), Pino Palladino, Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), Bernard Edwards (Chic), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Paul Denman (Sade), Tony Levin and many others play and endorse them. Even though … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Country Music: Old School vs New School

best guitar for country

The discussion around what is the best bass guitar for Country is a long-standing one. Classic Country music listeners are a conservative bunch and will generally expect a Fender-style 4-string bass. Most Country musicians agree you can’t go wrong with a Precision bass or J Bass for classic and old school Country. Even an inexpensive … Read more

How To Choose The Best Bass Guitar For Recording

best bass guitar for recording

If you’re a studio owner or a musician recording at home, having a good, dependable bass guitar available for recording is important.  For studio owners, many clients will be guitarists who only play bass guitar from time to time. Chances are, they won’t own one. So, you’ll need a quality, versatile bass guitar that they’re … Read more

Yamaha Bass Guitars: Are They Any Good? Yes, and Here’s Why

are yamaha basses any good

Yamaha has a legacy of producing highly regarded wind instruments, guitars, keyboards, synths and pianos. However, Yamaha is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bass manufacturers. Yet, legends like John Myung, Lee Sklar, John Patitucci, Billy Sheenan and Nathan East have rocked out for most of their career … Read more

Are Fender Basses Really Worth It? The Raw Truth

are fender basses worth it

Fender Bass guitars offer an iconic sound. For many decades, pro-bassists have used them in concerts and studio recordings of the highest level. They produce the tones heard in countless hits and studio recordings. Fender is the undisputed gold standard of bass guitars. Their reputation, craftsmanship, demand, availability, resale value and tonal qualities make them … Read more

Are Gibson Bass Guitars Any Good? An In-Depth Look

are gibson bass any good

While Gibson electric guitars enjoy legendary status among guitar players, Gibson bass guitars are a little more divisive. On one hand, many people think of them as inferior to Leo Fender’s standard bearer. Others, however, love the unique sound and character of a Gibson bass.  Gibson basses are underrated. Some of the greatest bass players … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Reggae: Finding That Sweet Low-End Tone

Capturing the sound of reggae can be challenging. Some instruments are better suited than others to give the music that distinctive reggae flare, and the bass is no exception. Reggae musicians agree Fender Jazz-type bass guitars provide the best reggae tone since one of the pickups is very close to the neck, which produces the … Read more