Best Clarinet For Marching Band: The Most Popular Options

Clarinets are used in a wide variety of settings, from solo music to orchestra ensembles, from chamber groups to Dixieland bands, to marching band. When it comes to playing clarinet in high school or college marching band, the instrument you choose is vital. A marching clarinet needs to go from band room to bus to football … Read more

Are Sadowsky Basses Worth The Money? This Is The Consensus

sadowsky basses worth the money

Sadowsky basses have become one of the most formidable J-style bass on the planet. The Sadowsky is famous for being a scaled-down Jazz bass with a durable, reliable and highly-customizable build with a killer preamp. Roger Sadowsky is the soul of the brand and the craftsmanship of his team is the reason behind the brand’s … Read more