How Much Does A Clarinet Cost? The Complete Guide

When it comes time to purchase a clarinet, everyone wants to find the best instrument within their budget. So it’s important to look at how much the different clarinet models cost. The biggest consideration in the cost of a clarinet is the instrument grade – student, intermediate, or professional. The grade is related to important … Read more

Is drop tuning bad for your guitar?

From Foo Fighters to Iron & Wine to Led Zeppelin, drop tuning, double drop tuning, and open tuning are employed in numerous songs in blues, country, rock, metal, and indie/folk genres. Beginners do it because it’s easy while pros say it opens new doors for expression and speed. But is drop tuning safe for your … Read more

Can You Play Saxophone Quietly?

Saxophone generally produce a loud sound compared to other instruments in a band or orchestra. But can a saxophone play quietly as well? Saxophone can be played quietly by using the right embouchure and breadth support. The ability to play notes at different levels of quietness such as pianissimo, piano, and mezzo piano can be … Read more

Why Is My Clarinet Sound Fuzzy Or Airy?

Clarinetists want to produce a clear tone that has a bell-like quality to the sound. While clarinet players may aim for slightly different sounds from one another, most want to avoid sounding fuzzy or airy. That extra sound of air moving disrupts the beautiful tone quality of the clarinet. There are many reasons for having … Read more

Can You Use a Clarinet Reed on a Sax (and vice versa)?

can you use a sax reed on a clarinet or vice versa

If you play the saxophone or the clarinet, you know oftentime players double on the other. With the cost of good reeds and how frequently they need replaced, you may wonder if reeds are interchangeable between the two instruments. Reeds are specifically designed for the instrument they are intended for, and using them on alternate … Read more

Best Bass Guitar For Big Hands: Finding Comfort

People with bigger hands often have a problem when selecting a new bass guitar. From the scale length to the width of the neck, you need to make sure that the guitar feels comfortable in your hand. While you can adjust to playing the bass on any bass guitar, bass guitars with thicker neck profiles … Read more

Studybass Review: In-Depth Lessons For Bass Musicianship

In this era where video is king, especially for learning and tutorials, finding good bass guitar lessons in the form of audio-backed written material is astonishing. Yet, Studybass, one of the pioneers of online bass instruction, has managed to hold its own and remain an attractive – and mostly free – bass learning resource. Andrew … Read more

Best Trumpet For Marching Band

best trumpet for marching band

Marching band is a great way for students to meet people, and better adapt to high school/college life. Among the instruments that compose a marching band, the trumpet is a key element. A very common question among parents and students is how to choose a good trumpet for marching band. Most marching bands don’t require … Read more

Can You Play The Violin If You Already Play the Guitar?

If you already know how to play the guitar, you might be wondering if the violin should be your next pick. Many people think that they can get a better start on the violin if they already know a thing or two about another stringed instrument like the guitar. The violin is considerably harder than … Read more

Dub Bass Tone: How To Dial In A Great Dub Sound

dub bass tone

Dubbed-out bass tones are deep, defined, and simple. One reliable path to achieving such a tone is to use a Fender P-bass with flats, roll off the tone knob on the bass, and get rid of the mids and treble on your amp (or go through the DI). You can also get more thump by … Read more